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They called me and at work and told me that if I didn't come up with 3,485.00 that they were going to file changes on behalf of there client Cash Advance America and that they would be contacting my employer and the sherrif would be coming to arrest me.Please put a stop to these people they also could not speak English very well.

The person I spoke to was John Hill. They also said that they were garnish my wages and I am freaking out about how they got all this information.

Please help me contain this mess.pissed consumer


Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #618938

Did you ever borrow from Cash Advance America?If so that is how the law firm obtained your information.

If you did borrow from them apparently you owe them some money and never paid it back.Therefore with the interest added on, and maybe some fees, they have hired a law firm to deal with you.

Jennifer Young Law Firm - Threaten me with arrest and lawsuit

Sikeston, Missouri 2 comments

Some people called me saying that they are filing a lawsuit against me for money that I owed them.They said to me that a serrif was coming to arrest me in the morning.

They took 30 dollars out of my account. They said that they represented the Law Offices of Jennifer Young. They gave me this phone number to call them (310)961-5814. At first it was a woman who answered the phone.

Then it was a male that had a middle eastern accent. I could hardly understand what they were saying. I am really pissed off right now.

I will find these people and they will pay, legally of course and I have the juice to get it done.They messed with the wrong person this time!

Review about: Payday Loan.



We should find out if she is atually memeber of attorny bar in california then file a complaint... If not there's nothing that we can do 310-961-5814,


Huge scam going on right now and people are falling for it and sending money that they do not owe.

Jennifer Young Law Firm - Law office of jennifer young harrassing/threatening calls

Kankakee, Illinois 5 comments

i began recieving phone calls at least 6 times a day from someone named Michael and another named alex watson.they claim to work for law office of jennifer young.

they said i had 3 charges on me. first civil then criminal. when i asked exactly what they wanted from me they hang up. then call back with more threats about sherriff picking me up.

i asked on what charges and he yelled at me asking "u dont know what crime u committed?!" i stated that i had not committed a crime.

he hung up again.but they keep calling.



They call me too.This is a scam.

First of all, you are not notified that you are being sued by a phone call :), second of all, they are foreign.Do not give them any information or verify any information they have on you!


This person has been calling me also I was been sued and they started to explain my crime when I asked what is civil he yells at me and says don't talk while I'm talking and says tell the sheriff to explain it to you when he.comes and pick you up at your job?


this person call me also, they knew my ssn and place of work they said they was calling my job to alk to my boss they also that i wll be going to jail,, help


They have called me numerous times today sayin they had something against me and sheriff was coming to my job to take me to jail.. they knew where my husband worked and his social.. should i go to police about this?


This is probably a scam and all of these names are false. Put a hex or voodoo curse on them.

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Jennifer Young law firm SCAM

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 1 comment

SCAM SCAM Being harrased by Jennifer Young law firm start calling at 7:50 am very disrepectful trying to collect money for a loan from cash world or pay day loans from the internet.Telling me there going to come to my work and arrest me.

Calling from numbers 626-384-3257 and 630-332-0853 Calling thereself Michael, Anna and Sarah Woods. Called local police and filed complaint. They are aware of this scam. Called all local authorites also.

Call all credit reporters also.Bunch of indians Go back to your country your not getting any money from me.



SCAM SCAM Being harrased by Jennifer Young law firm start calling at 3:00 am very disrepectful trying to collect money for a loan from cash world or pay day loans from the internet.Telling me there going to come to my work and arrest me.

Calling from numbers 951-582-4841 Calling thereself Michael, Anna and Sarah Woods. Called local police and filed complaint. They are aware of this scam. Called all local authorites also.

Call all credit reporters also.

Bunch of indians Go back to your country your not getting any money from me.cc86ad

Jennifer Young Law Firm - SCAM ARTIST

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 29 comments
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9-09-11 I been receiving calls from JENNIFER YOUNG LAW FIRM from a women/man names ANNA, ALEX WATSON, AND KEVIN PETERSON.There saying I have a Loan for $798.36 when i called back Kevin Peterson you could barely understand him he had such a strong accent, and he had the nerve to ask me do I SPEAK ENGLISH, AM I WELL EDUCATED.

I have never been so Dis-Respected in my life. They call me before 8am at work. They also told me to go to Walmart and get a prepaid card. They kept saying that the Sheriff office is going to come and serve me with papers and arrest me at my place of employment and tell my supervisors whats going on!

I also called the Attorneys General office (302-577-8400), Better business bureau (302-230-0108), Experian (1-888-397-3742), Trans Union (1-800-916-8800), Equifax (1-866-828-5066), Federal Trades Commission (1-877-382-4357), AND IF U NEED YOUR CREDIT REPORT CALL 1-877-397-3742 ITS FREE AND MAKE SURE TO PUT FRAUD ALERT ON YOUR CREDIT REPORT.I'M PRAYING FOR THESE SICK PEOPLE



They're still at it, called me from (323)03319198.Sounded like bull@!#* from the beginning, starting with his accent and I've never heard of an attorney calling the person whom they are hired to prosecute to inform them of a pending criminal arrest.

Claims arrest was pending for an over due internet loan. Not a lawyer, but assume it would probably be a civil case vice a criminal case. Anyway, biggest concern is that they had my name, SSN and obviously my phone number, I put a fraud alert on my reported credit report.

Also notified my bank, we'll see what happens, but don't anticipate anyone coming to arrest me.Thanks for the previous post, figured it was bull!@#* anyway, but the prior post help set me at ease.


The same thing happened to me Yesterday. It is interesting that they say that they are going to arrest me on a Saturday morning.







Same thing is happening to me now.But, they had someone call me supposedly from the local sherrif's office.

All of the people I spoke with had the same speaking accent, even the sherrif(Mel).

I appreciate all of your comments.Has anyone actually been taken to court by this Jennifer Young Law Firm?


same thing has been happening to me for the last two weeks..calling my home and job..but i tell you what they can keep calling all they want they are not getting a dime from me and I changed my account information and put a fraud alert on my SS#,,its just a matter of time before they are caught even if they are working from outside of the country..dumb f***s


11/25/11 I was call this morning also about 8a.m.I hardly could understand the person, the number called was 951-489-0236.

later in the day $30.00 was taken form my account the number the bank gave me who took it wass866/235-7681, whan I call it someone sound like a female whom I could not understand either answered again as the 951 number did.Any results found and help link to the people please contant this scam link, God will, we shall live, I shall return to this scam link.


this number has been calling and harrassing me to. so i turned the tables and i am calling them as much as they have called me and its burning them up!!!I have unlimited minutes and i work at night so i can call allll daayyy long!!!


:( Same thing just happened to me.I got the threatening phone call to my work from "Michael Johnson." Googled Jennifer young's law firm & read these responses.

Then it prompted me to check my account and sure enough $30 was withdrawn!!! I called the bank to find out where the charge came from they gave me the number for "payment assistance," 8662357681 which I didn't authorize any payment from.

The guy I spoke to wouldn't give me his name, transfer me to a manager or anything!Just kept insisting the charge was made cuz I gave them my info n that I could go to the website to collect my cash.


Well, it happened to me too.The calls started coming in at 4:30am Hawaii Time!

The foreign speaking gentleman said that there was a lawsuit pending connected to my name and social securtiy number. He said the Maui County Sheriff was coming to my job to arrest me. Refused to send me informantion in writing regarding this lawsuit, he refused. He said that I would get the information from the sheriff at the time of my arrest :roll My biggest concern is that they had my entire social security number.

I never verified that the number was correct but I must say I am still concerned that they have my ss#. The call ended with him yelling F-you Bit@# twice as I laughed at him and said good-bye. I reported this to the BBB as well as FTC.

Funny thing was they knew exactly who I was reporting and actually knew the threats they were making without me telling them what was said.

There has to be a way to stop these people.Unfortunately, they are not operating within the US!


I got the same thing. The numbers they r calling me from r 714-733-5618 605-277-9487 503-563-0853 510-943-3040 407-218-5892 949-274-8156 919991 284-603-7520 503-563-0853 682-888-0693 302-722-4574 603-214-9012 they have called me for the past two weeks saying I wanted a pay day loan and they need to be stoped some one needs to get them soon


So I got a call just now at my job.It's a goo thing they have my direct number.

The address to this place is 1365 Cgulo Vista Drive; Los Angeles, CA 92602. The guy who called me said they are calling from law firm of Jennifer Young. When I asked to speak to his supervisor he told me no; then told me to talk to my attorney about the charges.

When I asked how do I talk to my attorney about charges when I don't have an attorney--he hung up on me.Out smart them and beat them at their own game--when yuo are calm and start asking legitimate questions they start to sweat-- the number that called me was 626-384-3257


i received call this morning at my job saying that i owed $598.82 for a pay day loan,that i defaulted on which i did not, they said i sherriff was coming to my job tomorrow to arrest me, and wanted me to come up with $200.00 today, his name was Alex Watson, he then called my supervisor and told her the same thing, i checked on line and this is a scam, he thne proceded to call my home, left message and i called back and all he did was use the F word, how dare he, that his foreigner who does not even speak English call me and speakt to me like that, i called the Federal Trade commision 2 times and filed a harrasement complaint


They have been calling for my assistant.I told them to stop calling her at he place of employment because I am her manager and she can get fired for these calls. I also told them she can hold you responsible and file a lawsuit against you guys for losing her job. They said ok and hung up!


anyone ever get their address or something so we can send secret service to their door?these guys are nuts.

used same routine on me, keep harassing me, but the attorney is called adam woods now from Gilbert & legal associates. when you call, they saw law firm. when you start probing they hang up.

if they have a feeling ur probing them, they have ur # recorded, and send u right to voicemail which coincidentaly is full.we have to get these losers.


:p I got this same call today, then these morons called my work telling them I owed money.So work sent me a message on my qualcomm.

And yep I had inquired about a payday loan.

One place took 30.00 from my checking account for loan prep fees, if I hadn't caught it, no tellin how much they would have took.I called and they put the money back.


Attorney generals office told me this is a well known scam originating out of India.I was worried about my identity being stolen but she told me they arent stealing identities, they are just trying to scare me into sending money.

They most likely got my infor from online payday loan applications.She said next time they call to just tell them to mail me documents showing what debts I owed and then hang up.


Attorney generals office told me this is a well known scam originating out of India.I was worried about my identity being stolen but she told me they arent stealing identities, they are just trying to scare me into sending money.

They most likely got my infor from online payday loan applications.She said next time they call to just tell them to mail me documents showing what debts I owed and then hang up.


I had voicemail stating that me or my attorney need to call immediately.I called back and asked what company is this?

The man refused to tell me and kept asking for my phone number. I told him he has it already and I demanded to know what company he was representing and he hung up on me. I called back, a different man answered, I immediately demanded for him to tell me what company he was with, he hung up on me. My co-worker then called to pretend he was my lawyer, that convo ended with my co-worker screaming F You into the phone.

I then called back again, and the man told me to never call them again.

I called attorney generals office, she told me this is a well known scam originating from India. They got my info from an online payday loan application or they bought my info from payday loan black market.

I asked if my identity was threatened, she told me no, they are just trying to scare people into sending money.She told me if they call again to just simply tell them to mail me documention of debt owed and hang up on them.


They left me message to call back.When I called back the person on the line was rude and I told them they had bad phone manners and I could not understand them, very bad accent.

He told me that he did not want to talk to me and I replied the same.

They he told me to F....his A....I told him I was going to report them to the BBB.


Getting a phone call from someone claiming I have three charges against me is not the way I want to start any day. Just received the call and began doing google searches and found this. Cannot deny that I’m a little shaken up. No one wants to get a phone call stating that they have charges against them. It is a sickening feeling you gain. So, what is next? Do I take this seriously? Is a Sheriff going to come tomorrow? We cannot afford a lawyer. We cannot afford this stress either. How long with this persist? Is my identity in danger?

Have to say, calling them back and having this guy explain these “charges” was horrible. Could barely understand him with his heavy accent. And the background was so chaotic that it drowned out his voice making it even more confusing. A guy by the name of Michael calling from the Law Offices of Jennifer Young. Stating that I have an outstanding loan with US Cash Advance.

So, now I’m left anxious, frustrated, and worried.

What do I do?


I have been getting these same calls. I called him back. I put him on speaker phone and told him I was recording the call and he immediately hung up.


I also just received a call from the same people and for a minute I was trying to figure out what was going on.He was very difficult to understand so I was very skeptical about the whole situation.

They said I had 3 charges as well and that it dealt with a default of a loan that i had supposedly acquired. What the *** is going on with these people.

Should I contact the attorneys general office?or what should I do ?


I have been receiving these phone calls from the same organization since 9-2-11 with the latest calls being received 9-21-11 and 9-22-11.They talk about blocking my social security number and that I have criminal charges being filed against me, will pay $3k in fines and spend 3years in prison.

This morning they stated Jennifer Young was the attorney and she wanted to speak with me.

I told them them were in violation of the Federal Trade Act and that they needed to supply me by mail in writing with the complaintant information and give me time to dispute the charges.I advised him to quite harrassing me at work and at home if he wasn't going to tell me what it was about and that I filed charges with the attorney generals office.


dis makes me feel a lil better, knowing im not the 0nly one getting these calls..ive only recieved 1 call from these people, but yes, they are stating i have 3 lawsuites against my name. im a lay 0biding citizen,and h0w they g0t my inf0 is beyond me.Its all a scam, s0 please people,be careful!


I just received a call from the offices of Jennifer Young at 7:36 am stating that a lawsuit has been filed against me plus the call was before the normal time any business can contact you.The person on the phone was reading a script and I advised him if he was calling about business he did not have to read a script to discuss the matter with me.

He kept stating he wanted to give me a number to call someone and i advised him to have whoever was needing to speak with me to call me directly. I dont know where these people got my number from and really upset that he called during my morning devotion with my son. What business in their right mind calls someone that early and knows its is against the law. The number they called from was 714-441-5860.

If anyone else is dealing with the same type of issue please share advice on how to resolve.

Thanks in advance.I will be contacting the better business bureau and the local police department.


Hey madman, I paid to back trace the phone # gave me to call back their "Senior Attorney" and discuss the matter, and I have their address bro! I'll post it up on here tomorrow when I get back to work in the morning.


The same exact thing has been happening to me for the last 2 weeks.Saying I owed a payday loan.

Wants me to go to walmart and get a prepaid card for 1577.00, call them back and give them the card number. Who do they think I am? BOBO THE FOOL. I'M pissed because some how they have my info.

Jennifer Young Law Firm you all are a bunch of sick b*****. you all need tobe LOCKED UP. Trying to rob us.

Saying the police was gonna lock u up if the money wasnt paid.We need to find these people and beat their ***


I have been getting calls from them to over the past two days, always right before 9 a.m.and on my work phone as well.

How did you get them to stop calling? The first time I told them that I was on my equifax account as we speak and that "unpaid balance" was nowhere to be found. The second time I flat out told them to just "F*** OFF!" were you able to report them or anything?

Any advice is greatly appreciated.Thanks.

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